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Product information

0.03 Sportshot is a pasteurized beetroot concentrate for athletes. No additives and 100% Finnish natural product. 1 kg of beetroot has been used per 100 ml dose.

Single dose of 100 ml 2 to 6 hours before sports. Not for continuous, daily use. Contains nitrate: not for children.

Not suitable: if you have low blood pressure or medicines to lower your blood pressure.



Aku Partanen


Multiple Finnish Champion, preparing for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
50km record: 3.44,43.
Coached by legendary Valentin Kononen.
”My sport is one of the most demanding. I have always been open to new things. I know that success is the sum of many bigger and smaller things. My goal as a walker is to achieve something great, otherwise this wouldn't make any sense. It requires a disciplined life, a complete dedication to the sport, and a great deal of attention to detail. 0.03 SPORTSHOT suits my needs perfectly as an endurance athlete! Full points also for product being from Finland.”

Topi Raitanen

3000m steeplechase

Record: 8.21,47
Coached by Janne Ukonmaanaho
Preparing for the Tokyo Olympics 2020
Approaching his best years and has potential for anything!
”I have dedicated my current life to the sport and the pursuit of my own dreams. I know that to achieve something significant in my sport, nothing less than 100% commitment to professionalism is not enough. When I’m in the starting line with the best in the world, I want to know that I have turned all possible stones when talking about training, recovery and nutrition. Endurance sports, beetroot juice has been used for some time and I am very glad that there is now a completely domestic product available.”

Oulun Kärpät

Ice Hockey

Oulun Kärpät is the most successful ice hockey organization in the 21st century in Finland.
In addition to several Finnish Championships, the club is known for its excellent junior production.
The club's reputation as the best club in Finland has been earned through hard work, both on and off the field.
However, success does not come automatically:
”At regular intervals, we try to think of what we could do better? Anyone who is involved with top-level sports in a daily basis understands that just being satisfied and staying still is the biggest mistake you can make. In Kärpät we pay attention not only to high quality training but also to the nutrition of the players. In fact, these two things go hand in hand. We play weekly at the top against the best and we always try to keep our ears and eyes open for the things we can do to help our players and the whole club succeed. In other words, we will not leave any margins unused if the opportunity arises. 0.03 SPORTSHOT is a great addition to our preparations for the games.”

- Samppa Jaakola, Head of fitness, Oulun Kärpät

Laura Manninen


Half marathon record: 1.13,55
Full marathon: 2.41,08

”I tried regular beetroot juice years ago when preparing for marathon. The taste was terrible and I had to drink too much juice. During my test marathon I had problems with the stomach because the last liter of juice was filling my stomach. When Helsingin Sanomat made an article about this new product, I ordered it right away. The best thing about this product is the Finnish origin, texture and taste. The packages are suitably sized for travel which is an absolute must for athletes.”

Kai Söderdahl

triathlete legend

33 x Ironman

”Giving up is not an option.

I compete in my age group against the best triathletes in the world. Sportshot is a natural addition to this package where everything has to be in order. The domesticity, quality and team behind the product are top notch!"

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Kolme Sadasosaa Oy

Antti Niemi    Reijo Junkkari    Patrik Borg    Mikki Korhonen    Mäkipere farm

The beetroot shot has a surprisingly sweet, very liquorice flavor.

We have developed a fine process whereby the liquorice flavor is brought out, the nitrates are preserved and at the same time the oxalates are reduced. Feedback we have received, for example from professional organizations, is that this is the best product in the world.

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